The Needham Market Town Council meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month in The Green Room, Needham Market Community Centre, School Street, Needham Market at 7:30 pm – open to the public. A copy of the Minutes of these meetings are available on this website from the link on the left by clicking the appropriate date and can be viewed in the Town Council office or the library in School Street.

The Town Council is made up of fifteen members organized into six sections:

  • Finance and General Purposes: Is responsible for monitoring Council expenditure, annuallyDV IMAGE analysing future funding requirements and recommends the precept to be raised.  The Section also reviews staff salary levels, terms of reference, insurance of town property, loans and donations and other associated activities requiring finance.  This Section is made up of the Town Mayor and Leaders of the other Council Sections.
  • Recreation and Sport: Is responsible to Council for Crowley Park and for maintaining the play equipment.  This Section also monitors the condition of the public footpaths in the town and reports problems to the County Council.
  • Newsletter: Deals with all aspects of the Newsletter and is delivered free to every home and business in the town every month (omitting January, enabling us all to have a well earned break over the Christmas period)!  The publication contains articles about Needham Market together with reports and information about organizations in the town.  Anyone wishing to submit an article should send it directly to the Town Council Office by the 8th of the month prior to publication in the following month.  Anyone wishing to advertise in the Newsletter should contact Kelaine, Assistant Town Clerk at the Town Council Office.
  • Planning: Receives and considers consultation copies of all Planning Applications relating to the town.  Recommendations from this Section either in support of the application or as objections, are passed to Mid Suffolk District Council who, as Planning Authority, will make use of these comments in their determination of the application.
  • Town Property & Services: Provides and maintains Litter Bins, Bus Shelters, Notice Boards, Grit Bins and the Town Clock.  As of April 2006, Town Council took over the ownership and, therefore, maintenance of the Public Toilets in Barretts Lane.  This Section also arranges the Christmas trees and festivities at Christmas time.
  • Highways, Lighting & Footpaths: Oversees highways matters such as the need for road repairs together with parking matters, waiting restrictions and signposting.  Two hundred of the three hundred & fifty street lights in the town are owned by the Town Council and the Section advises Council on the cost of repairs and maintenance.  The Section will also make recommendations for the need and location of new lights in the town

On Town Council Meeting nights, Councillors are always on hand from 7pm to 7:30pm to discuss any matters or concerns you may have.